• Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D Battery 6packs Photo №4
  • Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D Battery 6packs Photo №4

Ovonic 10000mAh NIMH-D Battery 6packs - buy online.

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Category: Multi Rotor Parts

Brand: B2003160003 (all goods: B2003160003)

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Descriptions Main Features D size NiMH battery is a common type of battery in life. It is widely used in various devices. Ovonic released a D battery with a capacity of up to 10000mah. Application of Ovonic 6 D size batteries:

Candle, flashlight, baby's swing, spotlight, LED Christmas light, baby phone, gas stove, gas water heater and more.

Kindly note:

It is forbidden to send nickel-metal hydride batteries to landfills in some areas, so please separate and recycle used batteries
When using nickel-metal hydride batteries for the first few times, you may find that they deplete (discharge) quickly during use. Don't worry, this is normal. They need to be fully charged before they are used for the first time. This item contains 4 D cells. If you buy 4 pack 10000mah D battery and 8 pcs NiMH 10000mah D batteries, will get better deals.

Specifications of NiMH 10000mah 6 D cell batteries:

- Brand: Ovonic

- Chemistry: Rechargeable NiMH

- Capacity(mAh): 10000mAh

- Voltage: 1.2V /cell

- Size: D size

- Battery Weight(dev.20g): 1020g (170g /cell)

- Package: Ovonic 10000mAh 6 pack D batteries

- Recyclable: √ Specification Model Number O-NIMH-D-10000-6P Technical parameters Value 2 Size O-NIMH-D-10000-6P RC Parts & Accs Batteries - NiMH Four-wheel Drive Attributes Battery Material Other Tool Supplies Battery Remote Control Peripherals/Devices Battery View More


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