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Set of Stackable Baskets 3 pcs Willow - buy online.

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Descriptions Main Features The 3-piece basket set, with its classic and functional design, will add a rustic and practical touch to your daily life. Made of willow, the storage baskets are sturdy and durable. The rectangular boxes are versatile for everyday storage and the largest box can be a laundry basket, providing ample space for your laundry.

The attractive woven style adds a natural charm to the whole. Their compact design means they can be stacked in the larger basket when not in use. Delivery includes 3 rectangular baskets.
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The quality of this product is so good that it completely exceeded my expectations! These storage baskets are very stable and sturdy! They are very large and can store many of the crafts I made. These things come in handy when organizing materials. I also used it for my son’s toys, because these baskets can be stacked without folding, and they are easy to set up. Very convenient!!

We live in a small apartment. So our laundry room plays many roles: laundry, cleaning, and supply storage zone. We must buy these baskets and make all things in order. There are three baskets in the package. Big enough for storage! It's certainly good quality for the price. These baskets transformed a chaotic space into an organized home management center!

We bought two sets of these (small set and tall set) for organizing our kids small toys on the bookshelf in our living room. They fit perfectly on the bookshelf. They help limit the "toy overload" appearance of our living room and match our decor much better than the clear plastic bins we were previously using.

I got these baskets for laundry organization and they are exactly what I was hoping for. It is large enough and also foldable for convenient storage. It also has high quality and is durable.

I bought these Baskets for my parents, They are really satisfied with them, enough volume to store the things that they need in daily life. practical and cool design as well.

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