• LONGER Cube 2 FDM  MiNi 3D Printer Photo №4
  • LONGER Cube 2 FDM  MiNi 3D Printer Photo №4
  • LONGER Cube 2 FDM  MiNi 3D Printer Photo №4
  • LONGER Cube 2 FDM  MiNi 3D Printer Photo №4
  • LONGER Cube 2 FDM  MiNi 3D Printer Photo №4

LONGER Cube 2 FDM MiNi 3D Printer - buy online.

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Category: 3D Printers, 3D Printer Kits

Brand: B1902180010 (all goods: B1902180010)

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Descriptions Main Features 1、Mini 3D Printer for Kids and Safe Design.
2、Out of the box & Recover Printing Function.
3、Touch Screen & Removable Magnetic Build Plate.
【Lightweight And Poratble & Touch Screen】Entry-level integrated 3D printer, Lightweight, and easy to carry, suitable for intellectual education to cultivate children's hands-on and spatial imagination ability. 2.8-inch high-definition touch screen, user-friendly operation interface.
【Out Of The Box】The printer is 99% pre-assembled before leaving the warehouse. And come with the 5m Eco-friendly PLA filaments, start your printing within 5 minutes. Step 1: Install the material rack and load the filament, Step 2: Remove the fixed bracket and leveling, Step 3: Insert the SD card and start printing. NOTES: there are operations videos within the 8G SD card.
【Safe And Eco-Friendy】The built-in high-quality power supply, ABS shell material, and machine round corner design, hidden wires give full protection of child safety. And the provided PLA filaments are eco-friendly material, Non-toxic, and healthy.
【Removable Build Surface Plate】The nozzle is detachable and convenient to clean, improving the success rate of printing. Flexible platform with the magnetic field, making model stripping easier.
【Recover Printing Function】Cube 2 is with filament detection sensor and pause printing after power loss function can automatically resume printing when the filament and power are replenished.
【Low Decibel & No noisen】30 dB of print sound, same level decibel as an alarm clock(20-40 dB) Ultra-quiet printing operation provides a pleasant printing experience in classrooms, homes, and offices. Specification Package Size(L x W x H) 31cmX31cmX38cm Package Weights 5.2 Package Contents Cube 2 X1 View More


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