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Cat Scratching Post 8x15 cm 10 mm Beige - buy online.

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Descriptions Main Features Do you have a little feline friend at home? Give him/her a place to play with this scratching post. Cats need scratching posts to help them tone their muscles, to remove nail sheaths from their claws, and to relieve stress. With this wall-mounted scratcher, made with durable woven sisal and measuring 15 cm high, your feline friend can sharpen his/her claws and have a healthy outlet for his/her scratching instincts. All caught up in the fun with this scratching post, your little friend will be less likely to scratch your carpets or sofa!
Colour: Beige
Material: Natural sisal + particle board frame
Height: 15 cm
Post diameter: 8 cm
Inner hole diameter: 10 mm Specification View More


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